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This contemporary living area shows how large textures can provide small spaces huge character. Wall tiles instantly add depth and texture to a wall, thus bettering the total appearance of your living room. We’re amongst the reckoned names of the business that is involved in supplying Non Digital Wall Tiles. We’re one of the well known companies engaged in providing a broad array of Ceramic tiles.

Two green chairs and a small, black round table, seat chairs underneath contemporary artwork and glowing wall sconces finish this contemporary living room. While you may fear the room will look colder, together with plush fabrics, this room isn’t anything but cold – rather it’s a cosy space that’s welcoming all year round. Last, you cannot eliminate stains from natural rock easily, but with tiles stains aren’t even a problem.” Wood finish tiles also score over natural forests for other reasons – a wood floor doesn’t withstand heat, gets scratched easily and also fades when exposed to UV rays. Being market pioneers of glass wall tiles, Tempesta is serving to supply your house or workplace through these glossy and magnificent decorative tiles. Some favorite sizes for flooring include 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm, 610×610 mm and 800×800 mm, whilst wall tiles normally include sizes of 250x350mm, 300x450mm and 300x600mm.

If the room is small, and you use large size tiles on the ground, then the room will appear even bigger. However, if you are thinking of giving your living room a brand new look, then let us take a look at some gorgeous rooms which have used tiles to the flooring gạch ốp tường phòng khách. Wall tiles are no longer restrained to flooring; it has transcended the constraints and entered dwelling rooms. The tile wall design is not just used for designing the living space but the bedrooms and washrooms too look extra ordinary with those design.

Find the perfect mosaic tiles for the bathroom include wall or kitchen backsplash or find the perfect natural rock or slate tiles for your elegant contemporary living room. Accent flooring and wall tiles really are a nice method to highlight interior design ideas and compliment tile layouts and patterns in muted and light color shades. Mosaic tiles: These are made of a cement base where chips of marble, glass and other stones are embedded.

The characteristic wall above, together with neutral colors of the room, makes a cocktail of texture and visual interest, leaving behind a lasting effect. Stone tiles: They are similar in width, easy to put on the ground, require almost no maintenance and are durable. Wall tiles India from Tempesta is providing an out of the box elegant appeal to walls of the living spaces make it a kitchen, bath or the living room. Available in various sizes and shapes, these tiles are   chemical and fire resistant and simple to maintain. Peek in their types and get to choose your magnificent yet classy living room décor. The key to getting patterned tiles directly is teaming them using neutral, toned-down tiles. However, they’re not simple to place, since mosaic tiles need to be cast on site.

One way of bringing character to an otherwise modest space is by creating a feature wall using wall tiles. From elegant natural stone tiles to light and relaxing ceramic and ceramic, our tiles can be found in several different materials. We use the very best course raw material to make the ornamental wall tiles that are specially made with an even flat texture to enhance the expression of the furnishings. Symphonizing your wall tiles with the floor tiles, makes your living room appears bigger. Offered in various sizes and shapes, these tiles are compound, flame resistant and easy to keep.

The feature wall above, together with neutral colors of this room, make a cocktail of texture and visual appeal, leaving behind an enduring effect. Apart from its rustic look, wood-looking tiles also bring a historic, old-world charm into a contemporary space. Remembering the diverse demands of the clients, we provide our customers aesthetically designed array of Stone Wall Tiles. LG Floors’ Decotile Econo are vinyl tiles available in marble, carpeting, slate and natural wood finishes – those have UV coating and therefore are weather-resistant. If using for your floor, elect for smaller tiles (with matte finish) so that the grout lines behave as grooves and supply a slip-resistant texture. Tile cascades down the wall and flows effortlessly onto the floor in this Vanessa DeLeon designed living room. Glass tiles: Apart from making rooms look spacious and brighter, they do not fade or scratch, and are relatively easy to maintain.