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As dentists we’re always seeking to make ourselves better. Offers message boards with over 200,000 members talking everything dental (and a few things not), online CE to keep you informed about the latest treatment methods, classified ads that will assist you team and stock your clinic, monthly polls to show you what’s trending in dentistry and more.

Of course, this comes as no real surprise however sugar-related dental problems continue to be the most widespread cause of poor oral health and disease. Through several years of publicity and awareness-raising, most of us know that smoking and drinking are bad for all of us. However, despite the known risks, the two practices continue to maintain large recognition.

About Blog – is devoted to enhancing oral health nationwide by making quality dental care affordable and accessible to everyone. About Blog – DentalEZ Integrated Solutions is committed to providing real solutions to everyday challenges in dental health by uniquely blending innovation centered on simplification and efficiency in value based products and outstanding customer service and support.

We keep it updated with new tendencies, our latest campaigns, and even useful oral hygiene tips. Hello, And welcome to the latest edition of Word of continues to be a busy start to the year for everyone at the British Dental Health Foundation, and I’m thrilled to announce National Smile Month 2014 has been officially unveiled.

About Blog – Read Our dentistry website for posts on patient examinations, dental occlusion, centric relation, occlusal equilibration, smile design, and much more. About Blog – Dental health site exploring the latest dental blog news and topics of the heart of dentistry and oral health, comprises opinion, comments, facts, hints and information from one of the most effective dental pros.

Read more and get involved now with DLN, a nationwide nonprofit providing access to dental care and education for many who can’t afford it. Read articles about services, dentistry and business topics. Oral-B is pleased to continue its 10 yearlong venture with the British Dental Health Foundation to encourage National Smile Month and enhance the UK’s dental health.

About Blog – BIOLASE is dedicated to elevating the quality of care in dentistry, while allowing clinicians to attain better business returns. Welcome to the latest edition of Word of Mouth – February is in the air this time of year and in the British Dental Health Foundation things are no different. Welcome to the latest edition of Word of Mouth, Issue 24 – October has been a busy few weeks in Smile House, together with Cosmetic Dentistry high on the agenda.

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