Why Is Everyone Talking About Brisbane Family Lawyers?

Brisbane Divorce Lawyers & Family Lawyers. Our group of experienced family lawyers provide you with expert legal advice on the best method to proceed and also will empower you with an understanding of your rights, duties and entitlements under the Family Law Act. If I need a family lawyer in the future I will be heading to Michael Lynch Family Lawyers again. Don’t even go into court and go through the burden of litigation by using a collaborative approach to legislation.

Wendy was practising in de facto relationship clinic areas since 1996 and Family Law. Sarah has practised since that time in family law and was admitted as a solicitor in June 2011. Where couples swap and can quickly collect the essential information that was legal, settlement could be achieved in 3 to 6 weeks. With more than seven years’ as a paralegal working at the regions of wills and estate planning, litigation Jodie and commercial law has experience on her side.

At Brisbane Family Law Services, you are treated with care and attention. Assisting individuals through a process that is difficult and reaching a resolution are motivators for Kiara working in family law. Justin has worked mostly in Family Law for the past five years and was acknowledged as a Lawyer in 2009. A well versed and experienced lawyer can guide you through the family law code and also answer your questions.

Having an extensive background in financial administration Liz has been with BWB since ancient 2014, bringing a breadth of knowledge venture, such as six years in the legal sector, as well as the public non-profit and service organisations from across to the firm. His passion is to provide guidance and relationship legislation and specialist family that emphasizes amicable and timely resolution of connection difficulties through negotiation and mediation.

MacDonnells Law has experienced divorce and family law groups in Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville. Information and Advice restricted to the courtroom event that day. Amity Anderson is a Legal Partner at Greatest Wilson Buckley Family Law and leads the Ipswich office of the firm. Planners and our lawyer’s work alongside psychologists to make sure that our clients receive the holistic support they need.

I would love you to join my community where we can share information and resources to improve the experience of separation & divorce for everybody. Know where you stand and Brisbane Family Lawyers what measures you need to take to resolve your family law dispute. Clarissa is the Manager of boutique Family Law Company, Brisbane Family Law Centre (BFLC ).

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